Club Events

Our Event Calendar provides an up-to-date schedule of all club events and activities.  Please check back often for new additions and changes.


Sports at Pine Tree are alive and growing. Currently we offer the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports: tennis, pickleball, paddleball, wiffle ball, corn hole, horse shoes, water volleyball, petanque, basketball, darts, table tennis, etc.

Pickleball game action at Pine Tree.


Throughout the summer season, the Membership Committee hosts a Social Hour on the deck of Keyes Hall at 5 pm every Saturday. Complimentary beer, wine, soft drinks, and snacks are served. This get-together is very popular and is specifically designed to welcome visitors for the day and give current members a chance to meet and welcome them. Don’t miss this event if you visit on a Saturday!


Pine Tree hosts major holiday dances throughout the year. Dances often have a theme or are related to the particular holiday or event. Our most popular dances are: New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween and the Labor Day Presidential Ball.

Pine Tree dance party scene.

Our big Pool Party is held in July/August each year at the outdoor pool. The festivities include: catered entrees and potluck donations, a music DJ or live band and dancing by the pool. This is one of Pine Tree’s best parties of the year.


Three summer weekends — Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day — feature picnics where the food is supplied, cooked, and served by the club volunteers. We also have Potluck Dinners throughout the year – some scheduled and some spontaneous. The most popular potluck is our Thanksgiving Feast, held the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Our Labor Day weekend celebration includes our annual blood donation drive for the  Anne Arundel Medical Center.


There are a number of children’s activities on our event schedule. Parties are held for the kids for Easter, Halloween and Christmas. The Halloween party includes trick-or-treating and a hayride around the various trailers and cabins. During the Christmas season, Santa always makes an appearance to visit with the children! There is always some type of children’s activity scheduled for the major holiday weekends.

Children's bicycles parked by the pool entrance.


Pine Tree’s resourcefull members constantly come up with other events and activities that defy categorization. Don’t forget to check our Event Calendar for a full listing. Pine Tree is open year round!