Keyes Hall

Keyes Hall is the main building on the grounds and the primary gathering place, especially in the colder months. It first floor is dominated by a main hall used for dances, meetings, and other events. The first floor is also where you’ll find the indoor pool. The basement has a sauna, showers, bathrooms, laundry facilitiy, an exercise area with some home gym equipment, a pool room, and a children’s game lounge.

Keyes Hall

A large stone patio and deck on the back side of Keyes Hall is the primary gathering point in the summer months. This is where the Membership Socials are held, weather permitting. The Hot Tub facility is built into the Keyes Hall deck and is easily accessible from both the main floor and the basement of Keyes Hall.

The Office

All the business of the club is transacted in the Pine Tree office. It’s the first stop all visitors make once they enter the club. If you have any questions, want to reserve a room or a camp site, want to make a purchase, or have any other need, the staff at the office can help. It houses a small store for basic supplies as well as sporting equipments — racquets and balls. If you’d like to play a sport but don’t have a racquet, you can borrow one.

Pine Tree Office

Food Service

The Café Derrière will open for the summer season beginning on May 13. 2017.  The Café is located in the farmhouse and will be open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 3 pm.  This year the Café will feature breakfast and lunch menu items from Creative CuisineThe Café is a cash-only service. 

The Pine Tree snowball stand is also located in the farmhouse near the sports courts.  Snowballs are available on most summer weekends.

A pavilion with picnic tables is available for guests who bring their own picnic lunch. The pavilion is located just steps away from the outdoor pool.

There are are also several restaurants and sandwich shops within 5-10 minutes of Pine Tree.  Please click on the restaurant names below to see their Yelp.com reviews and driving directions:

The FarmHouse

This building dates back to the founding of the club. The back room of the Farm House houses the Pine Tree library. Be sure to stop by and browse the selections in the library if you are looking for reading material. The Café Derrière and the snowball stand are also located within the farmhouse.  It’s also a good place to run in case of sudden inclement weather!

The Pine Tree Farmhouse.
The Farmhouse