Pine Tree offers many conveniences which make it possible for members and visitors to spend  the entire day without needing to leave the club grounds.

Office Store

The Pine Tree office runs a small store selling camping staples, souvenir t-shirts and hats, groceries items, snacks, sodas, and other convenience items.  A small selection of frozen food items and a microwave oven is also available.  Ice is available for sale by the bag.

A Washington Post newspaper vending box is located on the front porch of the office.

Café Derrière

The Café Derrière is located in the farmhouse and open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 3 pm during the summer season.  The Café features breakfast and lunch menu items from Creative Cuisine Catering. The Café is a cash-only service.

The Café Derrière at Pine Tree.
Café Derrière

Local Restaurants

There are several restaurants and sandwich shops within 5-10 minutes of Pine Tree.  Click on the restaurant names below for their reviews and driving directions to each:

There is also a wide array of excellent restaurants in the greater Annapolis, MD area.

Vending Machines

Drink machines are located outside the basement door of Keyes Hall, near the billiard room.

WiFi Internet Connection

Keep up with email when you visit Pine Tree. A WiFi Internet connection is available throughout the common grounds. The passcode for access is available at the office.


A licensed massage practitioner is available on most summer weekends in the small bandstand structure behind Keyes Hall. The fees for massage are determined by the massage practitioner. Massage appointments are scheduled by the Pine Tree office.

A licensed massage therapist is available at Pine Tree durning the summer months.
Massage Therapist by Appointment


A weekly Yoga class is held on Saturday mornings during the summer season. No previous experience is required; the instructors specialize in gentle yoga techniques. See our Club Calendar for scheduled classes and fee.

Pine Tree gentle yoga class.
Yoga Class

Fitness Center and Game Room

Located in the basement of Keyes Hall, the Fitness Center offers stationary bicycles, elliptical trainer and universal weight machine. The Game Room features a full-sized pool table, dart boards and more.

Showers and Bath Houses

Bathhouses (referred to as “Adam and Eves” at Pine Tree) are located throughout the club in each of the major lot areas as well as by the pool and in the campground. All bathhouses have restroom facilities as well as outdoor showers. (Outdoor showers are open from April – October.) The basement of Keyes Hall has a large shower room and bathrooms for the colder winter months.

The “Wheel Room”

The “Wheel Room” is located in the Farm House and is home to the Pine Tree free lending library. You may take a book out to read during your visit.  It is also one of several safe places to go for shelter during unexpected summer rain storms.


A coin operated washing machines and dryers are located in the basement of Keyes Hall.