Vistor Comments

We get letters and e-mails from time to time after someone’s first visit to our club. Here are some of the comments we’ve received.

My wife D______ and I wish to thank you and the members for the kind and open arm friendship that is given to your visitors. We completely enjoyed our stay with you over this past weekend not remembering when we have been so welcomed or made to feel like we belong there. Especially with the handicap previsions and the ease of travel with a chair, it made it even more enjoyable. 
There’s a sense of exhilaration that comes from stepping out naked in public for the first time. It’s a liberation of sorts. One realizes suddenly that perhaps one never did want to wear clothes, never did want to hide, and never did want the shame and universal secrecy that are implied in clothes. By taking off one’s clothes, one suddently admits, This is me. This is me,” as if one has been suddently discovered in the game of hide and go seek. And, low and behold, the punishment one had been led to expect is not forthcoming. There is only air on one’s body everywhere, the sweet gentle brush of the wind, and a sense of openness and freedom.
After walking nude around PineTree for an afternoon, after playing in the pool and on the paddleball courts, after talking to people, and watching, one almost comes to believe that this place has got it right, that this is how it ought to be, and that the rest of the world has got it wrong, and has had it wrong all along. When the time came for leaving, both J____ and I only reluctantly put on our clothes. 
We just wanted to let you guys know that we had a wonderful time on our first visit to your beautiful facility the weekend of October 1st and 2nd. The hospitality that was shown to us was fit for a king and queen. Since it was our first time at a nude resort and our first time being naked in public, our open-arm greeting made us feel right at home. 
The facilities were awesome, the Oktoberfest cookout was great, and the dance was an experience we will never forget. It ended up being a perfect weekend, especially with the great weather. I must admit that it took M____ a lot of pleading to get me to put my clothes back on when it came time to leave. 
F_____ and I SINCERELY ENJOYED our stay at your beautiful resort…AGAIN !! Thanks for working with us and getting us set-up in the trailer with a bathroom…we really enjoyed the trailer. Thanks to T____ for helping us get the trailer door open when we were incorrectly putting the key in its slot and we thought everyone in the office were gone. We had tried the key both ways and couldn’t get it to work and had gone to the trunk of our car for the crowbar when T____ came to the rescue.As usual, we fully enjoyed the friendly people, your other facilities, and the beauty of your resort…!! We really enjoyed your indoor pool and the temperature was just perfect.